Chris Bishop + Shannon Vesik

We are so excited to celebrate our big day with our family & friends, and welcome everyone to Virginia! Our wedding weekend at the Westfields Marriott will include hugs and hellos, celebrations at the pub, cheers & toasts, dancing & maybe some jigging, a lot of laughs, some happy tears and of course, a big kiss to seal the deal.

About Us

Chris Bishop

The Groom

Favorite color: Black

Favorite pump-up song: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

How it happened (written by Shannon): When I first met Shannon, she was an intern at PBS KIDS. I never really talked to her because I learned not to get attached to interns. They always leave. But, Shannon determined to stay was hired full time and well, I had to talk to her. For some reason one day, Shannon and I were the only ones heading over to happy hour and it was the first time we ever just talked casually. That day not only began my life with Shannon, but it was the day I realized she could drink anyone under the table. Before we knew it, a day could not go by without us seeing each other and the usual date was a six hour brunch at our spot, Union Street. A few months in to dating, Shannon asked if she could stay the weekend at my place in VA. I said Yes without hesitation. She came on a Wednesday with a suitcase, three bags, a puppy crate and puppy bag, and yes that puppy we all know and love, the party pooch, the beauty boy - Mason. Without realizing, my bachelor life of rice and ketchup was in the past, and Shannon and Mason became my new life.

Shannon Vesik

The Bride

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite pump-up song: Live Your Life by T.I. & Rihanna

How it happened (written by Chris): When I first met Chris, he had been at PBS KIDS for 150 years but he was totally handsome and smart and funny. We started hanging out and, oddly enough, he was more than happy to come over and paint two walls in my apartment - even though I only had scotch tape and plastic bags as drop cloths. We went for drinks and discovered a shared interest in pubs, wings, football, super hero movies and the music of Flo Rida. Next thing you know, he is keeping me up way past my traditional 8:00pm bedtime to hang out in his studio while he painted naked ladies or watch a Syracuse basketball game with laser-like intensity. He even grew to love my pup, Mason, who (blinded by jealousy) had previously destroyed his wallet and his bike helmet. Everyone knows Chris hates planning, so I had no idea that a week before our vacation in Miami, he had gotten both an engagement ring and my father's permission to marry me. That guy is full of surprises. Did I mention he is handsome?